Puyallup Area Tree Service & Removal

Puyallup’s Best Tree Service and Removal Team: Green Leaf Tree Service

Centrally located to serve Puyallup, the Pro’s at Green Leaf Tree Service can tackle any tree removal and service job. From tree pruning, to stump grinding or removal, we are ready to serve home and property owners in greater Puyallup.

Green Leaf Tree Service can do any tree care job because they are centrally located to serve the greater Puget Sound area, especially the Puyallup, South Hill, and Fredrickson areas. Our professional team can handle just about anything, including tree and branch service, stump grinding, and stump removal.

Tree Removal Service: Puyallup

Trained and experienced, Green Leaf Tree Services is equipped with the necessary tools and personnel to remove any tree from any site in or around Puyallup.

From open trees or directly against any kind of building. Green Leaf Tree Service is prepared to take on any project, from tree removal to brush clearing and even low-impact, tight-quarter removal.

Puyallup Tree Thinning and Pruning

Do your trees require any pruning or thinning? Are there any branches in your driveway that scratch the roof of your car when you pull in or out? Did the previous storm leave branches, leaves, needles, and cones all over your yard or house?

The tree pruning specialists at Green Leaf Tree Service can reduce the dangers and improve the general health of trees by pruning, thinning, or cutting back low-lying branches for residents in or around the Puyallup, South Hill area.

Puyallup WA Stump Grinding & Removal

The Pro’s at Green Leaf Tree Services also provides stump griding and removal services for Puyallup home owners.

Our team of stump removal and grinding experts can remove any type of tree stump, whether it be a Douglas fir, maple, willow, pine, hemlock, cedar, or cottonwood.

Stumps are grounded below eye level leaving behind nutrient-rich wood chips for your garden or yard.

Tree Topping, Branch Thinning: Puyallup

Do your trees sway back and forth with every storm that passes by, or has your view slowly faded away?

The friendly team at Green Leaf Tree Service can help with clearing the area and restoring that valuable view, as well as topping or pruning tree limbs, to give you a better night’s sleep. We provide full windsail reduction, as well as tree thinning services.

View Clearing and Tree Topping

Property Tree Maintenance in and Around Puyallup

Green Leaf Tree Services can provide Puyallup business and property owners with annual or recurring maintenance services for all your properties, including branch management, tree removal, and stump removal keeping your buildings safe and parking lots tidy.

Commercial services provided by Green Leaf Tree Service can work in confined spaces, around walkways, and above structures. We work with rental property owners as well as Homeowner Association (HOA) groups.

Puyallup WA, Best Tree Service and Removal Company: Green Leaf Tree Service

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